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def train(self, training_set_inputs, training_set_outputs, number_of_training_iterations):
    for iteration in xrange(number_of_training_iterations):
        output = self.think(training_set_inputs)
        error = training_set_outputs - output
        adjustment = dot(training_set_inputs.T, error * self.__sigmoid_derivative(output))
        self.synaptic_weights += adjustment

Effective Video Thumbnail Selection

Select visually appealing, relevant and engaging images for your site.

When you have many images to choose from, you need to ensure that each image is high quality. This process it time consuming.

We automate visual assessment of images, saving your business a lot of time and money.

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API access
Automate image submit to process millions of photos daily
Batch processing
Submit up to 500 image urls in one API request

Content moderation

Protect your online business from harmful visual content.

User generated content always need modetation. Use our API to prevent unwanted photo from being displayed on your site. Our model is trained to detect images as NSFW, suggestive and clean.

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Detect harmful visual content

Image Watermark Detection and Recognition

Site with user generated content can trigger relevant advertising.

Brands can monitor video sharing websites to avoid copyright infringement.

Want to create the highest CTR thumbnail for your video? Use coordinates of detected watermark to exclude this part of image from resulting thumbnail.

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Why choose Neuroscore?

  • accuracy - our computer vision pipelines are built upon state of the art models
  • scalability - our architecture was optimized for bulk and scalable processing. You can submit up to 500 images in single API query.
  • custom made - we customize models according to your specific requirements.
  • continual improvement - continually improves model accuracy based on new data.
  • pricing - pay-as-you-go model - you pay only for what you use. We don't have monthly fees.
  • privacy - submitted images and videos are processed by neural networks, that mean they remain private.
  • integration - easy to implement API that can be integrated with major programming languages such as php, go, nodejs, python, c#, java, curl
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